The puzzle Bitcoin is the hardest in the world is finally solved

Last week, a puzzle, an enigmatic and evil, which had baffled the bitcoiners for years has finally been solved. In the process, it has earned the individual who has cracked a gain of 5 bitcoins. The team behind the project did not fail to congratulate this person.

Please see below the details of this new surprising :

After its launch in 2015, the puzzle has attracted the interest of many followers of Bitcoin. As the months passed and nobody claimed the prize, the interest in the puzzle trailed off, until the new sudden last week. Indeed, the mystery of this puzzle has been unveiled.

Satoshi, Shakespeare and the puzzle of 50 000 dollars

1FLAMEN6 was the name given to a website created in 2015. This platform has gained popularity after that its creator has locked up 5 bitcoins in it. The digital currency were to reclaim it, but to unlock them, they had to solve a visual puzzle that had baffled some of the greatest minds in crypto. The creation of Satoshi has been presented in the form of paint visually rich.

Source : Orlando, Pixabay. A puzzle Bitcoin is very complicated has been resolved.

It was obvious that the painting contains clues that reveal the key to obtain the Bitcoins. However, these clues were so obscure and esoteric that they contrecarraient all attempts to break it. A programmer of 30 years old, using the pseudonym Isaac has finally solved the puzzle and won the prize.

The wisdom of the Seventeenth century meets the technology of the Twenty-first

The sentence encoded in the painting is taken from a poem by William Shakespeare entitled The Phoenix and the Turtle. The poem, like its author, is a subject of mystery and speculation. The same thing can be said of Satoshi Nakamoto. The table was designed by @coin_artist. The puzzle was also created during the most difficult period of the market of Bitcoin.

@coin_artist created the painting while his colleague, Rob Myers has helped to encode the key was hidden. He used the flames around its border and ribbons attached to the key.

Source : NewsBitcoin