The real estate investors in the chinese tournet to the market of crypto-currencies

The property investors from Wenzhou, in the province of Zhejing, known for being the birthplace of men of business the most discriminating of China, turn increasingly to the market for digital currency. They are in effect of new investment opportunities. Instead of using just the Bitcoin, they focus on the altcoins.

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The crypto-currency an attractive alternative for the actors of the real estate industry

In 2008, a real estate professional of Wenzhou, surnamed Chen, has created a company specialized in the sector. He has collaborated with twenty employees. They have purchased real estate in the street where they lived, and negotiated the sale price. If someone was selling at a lower price, Chen would have returned. Now that the housing prices are decreasing month after month because of the policy of the chinese government, Chen has sold his goods and has used the profits to invest in crypto-currencies.

Allan Lau , Pixabay

It started with Bitcoin, but has turned increasingly to the altcoins. He indicated that he did not have enough capital to compete with the major groups working on the market of Bitcoin. The altcoins are a good alternative, even for the users of Bitcoins. Thus, they can increase their profitability by turning to these technologies, he explained.

The altcoins are they sustainable ?

At the beginning, altcoins were worth nothing, but as transaction volumes increase, their value has increased, said Mr. Chen. Over the last three months, he first invested in the Bitcoin Cash, then the Bitcoin and Gold are now in Bitcoin Diamond. He bought the Bitcoin Cash when its price was $ 300. Then, he sold at a price of 2 800$. This sector is very promising and will grow even more in the next few years, confirmed Chen.

Source : NewsBitcoin