The regulations of the market of Ethereum and ICO are at the heart of all discussions

The market of crypto-currencies is the subject of a thorough review. The news about the closing of bank accounts of many Singaporean businesses of crypto-currencies have been at the origin of these approaches. Although various mechanisms have been put in place to strengthen the fight against fraud and money laundering, it remains that the business of crypto-currencies today are faced with difficult situations.

Increase the capital is an important step in the life cycle of a business, the challenges they face, and condemn them in general to stop their activities. The ICO have allowed businesses whose product or service has little or no tangible means to raise funds to enter the stock market.

The Ethereum as a operating system

Today, there is still no clear settlement regarding the ICO. So we can’t know the various solutions which allow to obtain funds with the ICO. Moreover, the ecosystem of Ethereum could be developed following the development of a clear regulation related to ICO.

Expected to be much more than a currency, the platform of crypto-currency that uses a blockchain to facilitate the use of other applications. Through the Ethereum Virtual Machine, it is possible. A true innovation that allows use of various media, and to exchange currency. Of decentralized applications, contributing to the versatility of the Ethereum.

A protocol of Ethereum in order to facilitate the ICO

Experts are currently working on the implementation of a protocol aimed at providing investors an option to withdraw their virtual currency on ICO. This protocol is associated with a clear regulation, to ongoing support of the State and to the faster transactions that could favour the development of the Ethereum.

On the other hand, the upgrade focuses on increasing the functionality of the network, reducing the possibility of exploits and the establishment of a new crypto-currency would help limit the risk of fraud.