The regulatory authorities of Russian plan to put in place an ” agency crypto-detective “

At a recent meeting of the Committee of the Financial Market of the State Duma, an initiative to create an “agency crypto-detective” in Russia has been proposed. This agency will collect all the information about Russian companies who are considering launching an initial ICO.

Alexei Fyodorov, in the first line

Last week, the State Duma held a meeting of the Committee of the Financial Market in which the legislative support of the technologies and financial the issue of regulation of crypto-currencies have been discussed. Representatives of regulatory authorities and of the main national banks have participated. During the meeting, Alexei Fyodorov, president of the Foundation, “Internet Development Institute” (IRI) has proposed an initiative for the creation of an agency crypto-detective specialist. It is important to remember that the IRI is an organization whose purpose is to develop and exploit the industry of new technologies in Russia.


An agency for the protection of investors

According to Fyodorov : “To protect the Russian investors in the field of crypto-currency., it is intended to create an agency crypto-detective specialist. It will collect information on the Russian companies which intend to launch an ICO. The information collected will be stored in a special register. “In other words, the agency will be able to extract information on the beneficiaries and the actual situation of the companies in question. “Our task is to protect the investors. When a company that receives funds from a large number of people do not succeed to make a profit, investors will seek some form of protection on the part of the State.

A project which is not unanimously


The obdusman of the Internet in Russia, Dmitry Marinichev, has recognized the need to address such data. Last September, it became known that he had built an infrastructure of mining of crypto-currencies in Russia to challenge the supremacy of China in this field. His company, the Russian Miner’s Corner (RMC), has recently launched an ICO that has been used to collect 1 205 BTC, 4 022 ETH and $ 37 million. In relation to the register that Fyodorov wants to put in place, Marinichev said : “Force a company to register on the registry is useless. The controls of ICO are necessary, but the records are ineffective. “

Source : News.Bitcoin