The regulatory authority, the israeli will not allow the business of Bitcoin to be traded

While claiming to want innovative companies could impose under its jurisdiction, the principal regulator of israel (ISA) has today ruled against the companies related to the Bitcoin. Whereas before, there seemed to be favourable.

The ISA is wary of Bitcoin

Speaking this morning at the Conference on growth and the funding of the debt at the Tel-Aviv stock Exchange (TASE), Shmuel Hauser, chairman of the ISA, has presented his point of view on regulation and investor protection in the era of technological progress. In giving the tone of his speech, which included many other innovations other than those related to the Bitcoin, he said : “We want to ensure that the sector, FinTech is not a revolution that creates anarchy. We don’t want that technology in financial be viewed as a jungle of investments in which the interests of the public are not protected.

The Times of Israel

For the ICO, ” it is a whole other story “

In addressing the issue of Bitcoin, after the sentence required “it looks like a” bubble “, with Shmuel Hauser gives his opinion on this crypto-currency : “I want to emphasize that we do not permit companies whose values are based on the values Bitcoin. We will also not allow the trade of Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency, until we find an appropriate regulatory framework for such instruments. “The head of the ISA has shown that it was open to innovation. He said : “In regard to the ICO, which is a whole other story. I believe that the question of the issuance of digital currencies must receive a regulatory approach is favourable, perhaps even courageous. “

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