The researchers extraterrestrials are strongly critical of the crypto-currencies

The researchers of aliens come to position itself against the crypto-currencies. Why ? Well, simply because the latter have led to an increase in the prices of graphics cards and computer chips, which greatly affects their activity.

Anger claimed

The crypto-currencies are definitely controversial. If even the researchers of aliens there are… Because in effect, this criticism was rather unexpected. Yet it is true and emanates from the very serious SETI, that is to say, the Institute of search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Other institutions of the same order joined these researchers to complain about.

The crypto-currency results, according to them, difficult to provide in graphics cards and computer chips. It is a material that is absolutely necessary in the context of their research. However, virtual currencies use a lot of computer chips : their recent success has led to the soaring demand, the miners of crypto-currencies with a well understood need.

Pixabay – Myersalex216 / researchers of aliens come out of the silence to denounce the mining of crypto-currencies.

Also, one of the researchers of extraterrestrial is out of the silence from the BBC to declare : “We would like to be able to use the latest graphics processors… but we do not manage to get the. This is a new problem, which appeared on the orders that we have made during the last few months. “

It is important to know that the Bitcoin cannot be mined with ASIC chips ; Ethereum as it is ASIC-resistant, that is to say, that it is necessary to use other chips. Anyway, these virtual currencies require computer chips.

There is a severe shortage of computer chips

Unfortunately, these computer chips are not only relevant to miners of virtual currencies. They are indeed used by human beings to aliens to technology BlockChain. And, it is a pity for them, they have found it difficult to provide in recent months. Because not only will prices increase significantly, but the delivery time is largely lengthened.

Pixabay – Tumisu / The mining of crypto-currency raises the prices of some materials needed for the search for extraterrestrial.

The researchers extraterrestrials are not the only ones to complain. About them, they need the graphics processors are extremely powerful to analyze the frequencies of communication that could have come from aliens : “in The midst of the SETI, we want to examine the largest possible number of frequency channels because we do not know on what frequency the aliens broadcast their messages. […] This has limited our ability to find aliens, and try to answer the question : Are we alone ? Is there someone else in the universe ? “

Unfortunately, for the moment, no solution could be proposed to researchers.

Source : NCC