The Ripple : zoom in on the crypto-currency is the most powerful of the year 2017

The Ripple is now the crypto-currency the most efficient. It is, however, long remained in the shadow of Bitcoin… but it is indeed the crypto-currency that has recorded the best performance in 2017. Why ? How ? It explains everything.

The crypto-currency of the shadow

The crypto-currency star, you know, of course, and this is the now famous Bitcoin. But appearances are sometimes misleading ! In fact, if it is the crypto-currency more known to the public, it has not been the most efficient in 2017. This is indeed the Ripple, which ranks in the top of the list of crypto-currencies in the top performers of the year… And yet, this virtual currency is not very well known. It derives its name from the company that was created in 2011 as a digital currency.

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It is, however, slightly different from Bitcoin which is based on the BlockChain. Actually, the payment protocol of the Ripple requires that transactions be verified by validators. These are the members of the network. In addition, it is important to know that the Ripple is faster than Bitcoin.

The peculiarities of the Ripple

The Ripple does not work quite the same way as other crypto-currencies. Indeed, his protocol does not only support its own currency. That is to say that financial transactions can be made in any currency or crypto-currency. In addition, the security of transactions in Ripple is in connection with independent servers, which may belong to any of the validator. And it is this that makes all the difference ! Because these independent servers can also be part of the banks. What has disturbed more than one, but that is also the strength of the Ripple !

Logo of the Ripple

This crypto-currency allows banks to integrate the protocol in their own systems. One almost has the impression that the Ripple is a currency hybrid between the common currency and the crypto-currency. And it is precisely this specificity that makes the comparison difficult between the Ripple and other crypto-currencies. In spite of everything, the principle remains the same as it is to transfer values independently of a central organization. And it is for this reason that the Ripple is a crypto-currency in its own right !

The Ripple is therefore a crypto-currency specific, a little ” off “, but it is the most successful of the year 2017…

Source : Numerama