The rise of Bitcoin Cash is at the origin of the failure of the server Bithumb, a company of trade of crypto-currencies of south korea

Bithumb, one of the companies that trade in Bitcoins, the most known in the world, has faced the wrath of the users. In fact, they were not able to perform transactions after the failure of his server during the weekend. For about two hours on Sunday, users were not able to make withdrawals and deposits after a sudden increase of the use that has caused a malfunction at the server level, indicated Bithumb on its web site.

The volume of transactions was higher than about 800 % compared to the month of October. In addition, the price of certain digital currencies have fluctuated surprising.

The company refers to the Bitcoin Cash, as the culprit

The south Korean company has designated the Bitcoin Cash, as to the origin of this problem. After the cancellation of an upgrade of the technology, users have seen the value of this digital currency quickly add up. This has prompted many investors to turn to this solution.

Bithumb was reported to have cancelled some transactions to minimize the damage. The company has also indicated that they were going to try to find solutions to compensate users who lost money, because of the power outage. Investors who have not been able to take advantage of price fluctuations, have decided to continue Bithumb in justice.

Bithumb regularly encounters problems

This is not the first time that Bithumb is confronted with this kind of problems. In June, information about customers was stolen. It is not the first company specialized in the trade of crypto-currencies to be the victim of a hacking.

Discover below the details about this cyber-attack :

Coinbase, one of the companies most known in the United States, has also faced numerous complaints this year. This company has had difficulties to manage the transactions that occurred on their platform.

Source : BloomBerg Technology