The Russian government wants to educate the public on the risks associated with crypto-currencies

The information regarding the market of crypto-currencies are often contradictory in Russia. In recent times various measures have been taken by the government of the Russian federation to regulate this booming sector. With so many politicians of different with various opinions on Bitcoin, a unified approach seems very unlikely for the moment.

Anton Siluanov, Russian Minister of Finance, says the government is going to educate the population about crypto-currencies, specifically, the risks associated with the investment in the digital currency.

Russia wants to educate the public about the crypto-currencies

The opinions are different concerning crypto-currencies in Russia. Some say that it is necessary to prohibit the virtual currencies. Others are in favour of the development of crypto-currencies in the country. None of this indicates how the situation will evolve. There is even talk of legalizing Bitcoin. The position of the Russian government is rather confusing at this time.

For most russians, the crypto-currency still makes no sense. This is not so surprising, because the concept is quite difficult to implement. The crypto-currencies are not regulated by banks or other authorities. The education of the population thus seems to be a great way to raise a large number of people. The misunderstanding is in effect the main block currently.

The implementation of a training programme by the Russian government

The minister of Finance, wants to propose a new project that focuses on training around the crypto-currency. It will be very interesting to see, given that very few countries in the world are trying to educate users on this new form of currency. Of course, there are risks associated with investing in crypto-currencies, but these same risks apply to any other type of investment.

This approach does not mean that the Bitcoin will be regulated in Russia. This does not mean also that Russia does not consider the question of the regulation of crypto-currencies.