The Russian parliament is investing more than € 36,000 to analyze the market of Crypto-currencies, the ICO and the BlockChain

The Russian government requires a detailed analysis of the risks and benefits of new technologies financial. He wants to know the advantages and disadvantages of the Blockchain, crypto-currencies and ICO. The russians still continue to look for ways to be able to implement some form of control over the market of crypto-currencies and their associated technologies.

The Russian parliament is at the origin of this project, which mainly aims to find ways to regulate this booming sector. The State Duma has allocated the sum of nearly 2.5 million RUB, which is nearly 36 000 euros for research related to the regulation of the implementation and adoption of technology financial.

A rapid development of virtual currencies

According to the state Duma, the new technologies sector financial is experiencing explosive growth. It is therefore essential to find the best solutions in order to adapt to the Russian market. Moreover, the anonymity that accompanies most of these crypto-currencies increases the risks.

The project, therefore, requires an analysis of the use and implementation of the blockchain, as well as the technologies associated with crypto-currencies. The analysis must cover the effects and risks of the use of the blockchain.

All facets of crypto-currencies reviews near

The crypto-currencies are gaining ground. A situation that the Russian government would like to control. The analysis requested by the state Duma applies to all types of virtual currencies. The crypto-currencies are part of it. This institution requires an analysis of the use of the ICO and digital currencies.

In this analysis, we can also discover the different ways in which other countries manage these issues. The results of the research will provide the basis for the drafting of Russian laws relating to the new technology of financial.