The Samu social of Paris launches the first collection of gifts in crypto-currency

This is a first in our country ! In fact, the Samu social of Paris, has just announced the launch of a donation campaign. But what makes the originality of this action is that donations will be made in Bitcoins, in partnership with the House of Bitcoin.

An appeal for donations that made the buzz

A few days ago, the Samu social of Paris has launched an appeal for donations from individuals. But this time, the approach is different from previous actions. In effect, the collection, which began Tuesday, January 16 and will end in a month, is done in Bitcoins. The objective of the campaign is to help reduce the digital divide and to accelerate the social reintegration of homeless people. The money raised will be used to equip a new residential centre that will soon open its doors in Paris. The appeal for donations is limited to the digital currency Bitcoin. But the “Samu social” has declared that in a few days, it would also be possible to pay in Ethereum and Litecoin.

We are launching with the @SamusocialParis the first collection of gifts in crypto-currency for a cause of solidarity.

The crypto-currencies have been built on the values of sharing, mutual support and transparency. We count on you #jefaisuncryptodon


— La Maison du Bitcoin (@LaMaisonDuBTC) January 15, 2018

Donors reluctant for the moment

The House of Bitcoin plays a particularly important role in the campaign of the “Samu social”. In fact, she will convert, for free, the currencies collected in the money trustee. And it will add to the sum of 0.5 BTC. However, donors are a little gun-shy. It is important to know that in normal times, for this type of donation, an individual receives a tax reduction of 66 %. Unfortunately, with the crypto-currency, this is not possible. The House of Bitcoin is the output of the silence on this subject, explaining on his blog that it was too complicated : “The taxation of crypto-currencies is currently the subject of many debates and we didn’t want to create a tax complexity more. “

Therefore, it is not certain that the crypto-currency has the expected success in the campaign of the Samu social of Paris. All the more that the gifts with traditional payment mechanisms are also allowed. The call for donations in Bitcoins is it a good idea ? The future will tell us.

Source : Numerama