The second edition of the Token Summit : the opportunity for specialists to talk about regulation and the future of crypto-currencies

The 5 December was the occasion for the professionals of the sector of crypto-currencies to come together in San Francisco for the Token Summit II. This event has been organized by William Mougayar, author of ” The Business Blockchain “, and Nick Tomaino, the founder of 1confirmation. All of the major players operating in the world of digital currency were present to talk about the current problems facing the market.

Experts from around the world have taken advantage of this opportunity to discuss government regulations and the future of technology Blockchain.

Check out below the video showing the exchanges during the Token Summit 2017 :

Proposals of mechanisms to regulate the sector

Nancy Wojtas, partner at Cooley ; Kathryn Haun, a member of the board of directors of Coinbase ; Stan Miroshnik, president and CEO of Element ; and Lowell Ness, partner at Perkins Coie, discussed the government regulations imminent. Thus, they have posed a fundamental question concerning the regulatory body on which investors should focus.

As spotted by Marc de Zordo, our editorial in’ – in-chief, Haun believes that investors are using the ICO are turning to the SEC. Although this institution has already published guidelines and issued emergency measures, there are other bodies which could impose other regulations. Wojtas explained that the SEC is the authority most competent to implement such a device. This forced other agencies to take a step back, he added.

Full transparency for the market of crypto-currencies

Messari, a new project of transparency, could become the library of open source data for the universe of digital currencies. A security solution for the protection of consumers. Ryan Selkis, founder of the project Messari, summed up the crucial point of crypto-currencies.

By creating a library of open data, Messari hopes to serve all users of digital currency. The team is committed to neutrality, in working with regulators around the world. A great way to ensure a better analysis of the market.

Source : BitcoinMagazine