The security service of ukraine attacks the journal of crypto-currencies Russian, Forklog

According to the CEO of the journal of crypto-currencies Russian, Forklog, Anatoly Kaplan, his news agency would be harassed by the forces of law and order in ukraine. The 15 last December, agents of the security service of ukraine have searched the apartment of Kaplan and the offices of Forklog in Odessa. The reasons for this descent would be related to a purported association with american citizens committing criminal activities.

Of unlawful acts on the part of the security service of ukraine

The security service of ukraine or SSU) is a government agency in charge of investigating cases of terrorism and counter-espionage. According to Mr. Kaplan, the owner of the press agency, specializing in crypto-currencies, the agents revealed that they were looking for clues in connection with a group of Ukrainian and american citizens who have committed a financial fraud. The SSU explained to the representatives of Forklog that the suspects used the news agency to exchange Bitcoins against the national currency hryvna.

Check out below the details of this intervention :

Anatoly Kaplan, and the organization of the Russian media believe that the investigation was unjustified, as neither Forklog, or platforms associated with the web site have never provided these types of services. Mr. Kaplan said that his agency did not have the technology to offer such services.

The agents SSU have confiscated the computers of the company

During the search, Mr. Kaplan explains that the agents of the SSU have confiscated his laptop and several storage devices, to cold. In addition, one of the officers attempted to transfer a portion of the fund Bitcoin of Mr. Kaplan to a different address during the descent.

According to the owner of the news agency, the only reason why the agent stopped is that his attorney threatened to charge volume, However, they confiscated the cameras of Mr. Kaplan. The next day, a large amount of Ethereum has been transferred from the portfolio of Mr. Kaplan to another address.

Source : NewsBitcoin