The Siberians use the mining of crypto-currencies to heat homes

The citizens of the Russian city of Irkutsk in Siberia have used the mining of crypto-currencies to heat their homes. Irkutsk has attracted many miners of crypto-currencies because of the very low price of electricity in the city. It is in this context that two entrepreneurs of Irkutsk have developed a system of floor heating connected to the mining equipment.

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Warm homes, thanks to crypto-currencies

Local entrepreneurs, Ilya Frolov and Dmitry Tolmachyov, have developed a functional prototype for a system of floor heating which uses the heat generated by the miners of crypto-currencies. Frolov discussed their prototype with the local media, stating that ” the devices of blasting are usually cooled by blowers. The heat is then released into the atmosphere. We consider that this is neither rational, nor ecological. This is why we have put in place a concept where the heat of the arithmetic operations is used for a purpose more noble, namely, to warm the houses. “The two contractors have said that they had the intention to build about 2000 “cryptohouses” by 2020 ; each providing of heat through the process of mining of crypto-currencies.


Irkutsk, the ” capital mining informal Russia “

The city describes itself as the “capital mining informal of Russia” and is home to a café that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. Frolov says that many miners of crypto-currency are attracted to Irkutsk by the low cost of electric power in the city. In effect, the price of electricity in Irkutsk is about one fifth that of Moscow. “The cost-effectiveness of computing exceeds the cost of the electricity, that is why it is rational to use it this way,” said Frolov.

Source : News.Bitcoin

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