The start-up Block wants to launch a new crypto-currency

The company Block has announced that it will launch a new digital currency. The company’s CEO, Jeff Garzik is not expected to exactly a warm and pleasant reception on the part of the actors of the sector. At an event held in Las Vegas, the start-up has unveiled the new crypto-currency, called Metronome. The company wants to provide users with a solution that it is possible to discuss with other digital tokens.

The CEO of the start-up has indicated that this new crypto-currency can be exchanged with any other digital currency. As to its impact on the business model of Block, currently centred on services for enterprises, Garzik and co-founder Matt Roszak have said they believe that the project is consistent with the vision of the company.

The characteristics of the Metronome

One of the main selling points of this digital currency is that it is easy to access. In sum, the metronome is made up of four types of intelligent contracts, including the distribution of new tokens, the regulation of the supply and the liquidity and the transfer of funds between accounts.


This automation will encourage investors who have not yet placed their money in crypto-currencies, said the CEO of the company.

10 million of MTN will be available from the first launch

The company will start selling 10 million of metronomes, 8 million will be made available to the public, and 2 million reserved for the company. Garzik sees the metronome as an innovation in a market where most crypto-currencies are experiencing difficulties.

Block wants to accelerate the launch of the digital currency. It is also planning to launch the metronome for the first week of December. According to Roszak, the code Metronome has been the subject of three audits since its inception. The objective of the company is to enable a greater number of investors to access such technology.

Source : CoinDesk

  • VicAttila

    Hello! Thanks for the article. There is an information that you’re not sharing on this article, and who, moreover, would need a clarification…

    The first Metronomes will be sold in ETH… I don’t understand this system, this means that the first Metro will only be purchasable that thanks to Ethereum ?

    Thank you for your clarification !



    Hello, interested by this new currency I would like to know where I can buy it?? Being on the ETORO platform this currency will not be available until several months after its launch, and, I would like to buy upon its launch. How do I do knowing that I want to invest in a very secure

    • Metonou

      Hello ! I would also like to buy the metronome right from the start. What should I do ? On Swedish direct me ? Thank you.