The State Department of the United States will organize a forum on the technology Blockchain the October 10,

The event will take place at the George C. Marshall Center, Washington DC. Various offices of the Department of State and other parts of the u.s. government, as well as representatives from the private sector will join in a one-day workshop organised by the initiative [email protected]

The u.s. State Department wants to master the technology Blockchain

According to the organizers, the goal of the event is “to explore both the policy implications and potential applications” of the technology Blockchain in the context of the diplomatic efforts of the americans. It is well to note that the group [email protected] was launched in the beginning of the year. It has in particular for objective to follow the developments of technology Blockchain and keep the State Department informed of new applications with the technology. The u.s. State Department seeks to strengthen its research resources to support a new working group focused on the technology Blockchain.

Find wider applications of the technology Blockchain

In the list of the participating companies include IBM, Microsoft, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, ConcenSys and many more. A part of the discussions during the workshop will focus on the presentation of how each participating organization interacts with the technology Blockchain. In addition, the workshop on 10 October will also see the holding of conferences on how technology Blockchain can assist in the resolution of various global issues, including humanitarian crises.

“The technology Blockchain is not unique to Bitcoin or crypto-currencies. And this technology is not only dedicated to the private sector. The nations and cities of the world can and should actively use this technology to transform the work of governments and local leaders. This is why the State Department cannot afford to wait to explore the applications of this technology in the work of international development and diplomacy “, said the head of the information service of the Department of State of the United States, Covers Wiggins.