The stock Exchange of Gibraltar, finds its ICO in seconds

A new crypto-currency, Rock Tokens (RKT), has just concluded its ICO dramatically, reaching its hard cap a few seconds after the launch of its public sale. This token is issued by a subsidiary of the stock Exchange of Gibraltar. In this article, we look back on the spectacular success of this ICO while diving on the product is going to be born : a platform for the exchange of crypto-currencies under the supervision of a stock exchange regulated.

The stock Exchange of Gibraltar has decided to adopt a position avant-garde in regards to crypto-currencies in planning the launch of a trading platform, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX). If it is not in the financial the most well-known ; the Rock remains an overseas territory british Crown dependency, and therefore subject to regulation and supervision in europe. From the point of view of credibility, so this is a huge plus. Its goal is ambitious :

“The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange aims to become a platform for the sale and exchange of tokens is positioning itself as a world leader, especially among institutional investors. Based on the principles of decentralization and consensus of the community, our goal is to open a new era of trust, openness and global adoption for the sector of the cryptos. “

I’ve already mentioned several times, we greatly need such actors to ensure the sustainability of the complex, professionalize it and increase the trust.

GBX has done an ICO to raise the funds necessary for its development. She named her token house in reference to the famous rock of Gibraltar : his name is the Rock Token. The first remarkable feature of this fundraising, it has attracted investors renowned as Victory Square on the occasion of its private sale that took place between December 2017 and January 2018. By this means, RKT has raised the remarkable amount of $ 21 million. With a hard cap set at $ 27 million, it only remained, therefore, more than 6 million dollars of tokens available to the general public. We could expect a significant demand despite difficult market conditions. What happened ; however, almost no one had anticipated this craze.

The ICO of the Rock Token reached in a few seconds

If the people who were part of the white list were able to buy comfortably RKT on February 7, in the individual limit set at 6146,8 RKT by registered, those who have had to try their luck on the 8 February on the occasion of the public sale have been the most disappointed (not to mention those who do décolèrent not). Of the 60 million chips that were on sale, 35 million were sold from February 7, with investors who had managed to take place on the white list (it was enough to register on time and to successfully pass the usual procedure of KYC).

RKTICO of the RKT – Source official site

It only remained, therefore, more than 25 million tokens for sale to the public, which is held on the platform for the exchange Quoine. One could expect that the RKT remaining are sold very quickly, but the speed at which they were sold boggles the mind. Quoine is talking about a second and GBX 9 seconds, but no matter. In less time than it takes to say ” sold “, it was finished. So there’s a lot of disappointed, while those who have managed to get their hands on RKT rub already the hands. The tokens will be released on the 26th of February at 12 o’clock GMT.

Presentation of the Rock Token (RKT)

The Rock Token will be the main currency used on the two major platforms of the subsidiary of the stock Exchange of Gibraltar, namely, GBX, exchange platform for crypto-currencies, and GSX, a platform dedicated to ICO. Ultimately, this ecosystem will be able to meet all the needs of start-ups that want to develop on the concept of the chain of blocks, of the issuance of the tokens to their exchange via a banking service.

Have the Rock Token will get some privileges and discounts, adjust the transaction costs of the exchange platform ” to the Binance Corner “, pay the costs of integration of a crypto-currency platform, etc

Some devices have been provided to support the value of RKT. For example, to receive a service, the customer has the obligation to purchase for X % of RKT and maintain for a period of x months. Unfortunately, the Rock Token will not be entitled to a payment of a portion of the profits from the platform. GBX has not provided for operations of redemption/destruction of tokens. These policies are of course subject to change at the discretion of the progress of the project, but even in the state there are great chances that those who have managed to get their hands on RKT realize a beautiful operation.

The roadmap of the platform for the exchange of Gibraltar

Now, the work is going to be able to really start, even if the team has not rolled the inches these last few months. The launch of the exchange platform for crypto-currencies of the stock Exchange of Gibraltar is planned for the first quarter of 2018. By the end of the year, the chips securitized should also make their appearance on the platform, who should have received the approvals needed from the regulators on which it depends.

For investors in crypto-currencies, this initiative is blessed bread. We will soon be able to exchange crypto-currency from an official exchange. The ICO, prior to acceptance, will be the subject of detailed controls to avoid the scams that have plagued their history. GBX is a new significant step on the path of the recognition and the legalization of crypto-assets.

Source : Official Site GBX