The supreme Court of the Russian decides the fate of the sites dedicated to Bitcoin

The supreme Court of the Russian takes the responsibility to decide on a case that could dramatically change the sector of crypto-currencies. The highest judicial authority in the country is studying an appeal against the closure of a portal of popular analysis Russian, His decision will affect dozens of sites crypto with restricted access, including platforms foreign as

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A first in Russia

The lawyers of the project Roskomsvoboda and the Center for the digital rights have appealed the closing of in 2016. They also fight the restrictions imposed on access to the site The experts have claimed that the decision of the highest judicial authority may upset the whole industry of digital currencies in Russia. This is the first appeal in cassation against the closure of a site related to Bitcoin that needs to be examined by the supreme Court, said Sarkis Darbinyan, one of the lawyers of Roskomsvoboda. It was filed on February 16, and the members of the supreme Court will meet to consider the matter on march 21, 2018.

Another local court in the district of Oktyabrsky, was banned more than 40 web sites providing information on crypto-currencies, and exchange services in Russia. This decision was recently overturned by the court of Saint-Petersburg. The measure has been requested by the Office of the prosecutor. The judges have indicated that the use of the virtual currency was illegal in the country.

More than a quarter of a million of sites that have closed in 5 years

The lawyers of the Center for the digital rights have argued that the examination of the case before the supreme Court is important not only for sites related to Bitcoin, but also for the industry as a whole in Russia.

Source : Pixabay. The supreme Court of the Russian takes the responsibility to decide on the case involving the sites linked to the Bitcoin.

They have filed at least 20 appeals in recent years, but this is the first that the highest judicial authority has decided to consider. If the ban is lifted for it will put an end to many debates on the legality of crypto-currencies. The exact number of Russian sites banned is unknown. According to Roskomsvoboda, access to several dozens of domains containing the word “Bitcoin” has been restricted by judicial decisions. The regulatory agency Roskomnadzor said that it had closed nearly 257 000 web sites, over a period of five years.

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