The surfer Silvana Lima enjoys a sponsorship by crypto-currency

Silvana Lima is a top-level sporting, who struggled to find a sponsor. But the young surfer aged 33 years has found the solution with a sponsorship by crypto-currency.

A sponsorship interesting

Silvana Lima is a young surfer girl is extremely talented, and very famous in his sport. Unfortunately, the sponsors are not jostled not to support him in his career. The sport has finally found the solution, because she is the first female athlete to receive a sponsorship by crypto-currency. It is now supported by KoreCoin, a virtual currency that has decided to trust to the surfer.

Logo KoreCoin / The crypto-currency brings to the fore values unprecedented in the area of crypto-currencies.

KoreCoin is not a crypto-currency very famous and it is specialized in the sport. In effect, this crypto-active about love and the freedom of the practitioners of the surf, and values the rights to privacy and security to make the difference and stand up to the competition. Silvana Lima was, therefore, ideal to demonstrate the merits of this crypto-currency is not quite like the other.

A muse happy

Silvana Lima is therefore officially the new face of virtual currency KoreCoin. She is thrilled and displays a beaming smile on the home page of the official website of the crypto-currency. It is an ambassador’s full of charm which makes the fame of this digital currency. Moreover, the crypto-currency participate in all its sporting achievements, and expresses a sense of pride vis-à-vis its beautiful performance.

Copy site screen KoreLife / The surfer has been chosen as the face for the crypto-currency.

KoreCoin bet on these sporting values but also social for a place in the area of crypto-currencies. Users are seduced by the concept, since the digital currency focuses on a sport where the mind is as important as the physical condition. The ecosystem KoreCoin is a complete, simplified, confidential and reassuring. All assets that do not lack to seduce investors. To discover !

Source : kore Life