The Swedish authorities accept the Bitcoin for payment of debts

Officials from the Swedish Authority of control, have received settlement of a debt of the Bitcoin. This is the first time that the implementing body of the law of the country accepts Bitcoin as payment made for the debt owed to the State.

A new asset to the use of the Swedish authority control

An agent working with this organization has declared that the Bitcoin is a new asset, and that it offers more access to the problems of management. It also allows their citizens to have other methods of payment. “We have the habit of dealing with the banking system. It is another asset, a new particular way to ensure the kind of access that we didn’t have before, ” said Johannes Paulson, responsible for the development of operations with the Swedish Authority control. In this regard, it seems that this control body will probably continue to accept the Bitcoin for debts that the citizens are seeking to address.

The crypto-currencies obtained will be sold at auction

The crypto-currencies than the Swedish Authority control have received, however, will not remain in his possession. It will make the auction and sell to the highest bidder. We are talking here about 0.6 Bitcoin or 2 $ 850 at the time of receipt. This auction is indispensable, because there is no formal structure which can accept Bitcoin in savings. According to an article in the Business Insider, this auction will open an opportunity for citizens to do business in Bitcoin. The Swedish Authority control has also noted that many offences are committed with the assistance of the Bitcoin. However, they can not enter easily in the wallets Bitcoin concerned, nor know all the criminals involved in the fraudulent transactions of Bitcoin.

Source : News.bitcoin