The technology Blockchain allows you to generate new sources of revenue

One of the most interesting aspects of the rise of crypto-currencies is not just the investment potential or the ease and privacy of use, but also the new possibilities they offer for a wide range of activities. In other words, there are new business models and new types of interactions that were previously impossible. The technology Blockchain offers the benefits of both quantitative and qualitative.

Today, the pace of technological change is rapid, we will soon see a new range of solutions Blockchain. For example, consider the revolution in Big Data. Companies use the analysis to develop models to make them more specific to the behavior and personality of the consumers. It is the same for the technology Blockchain that can revolutionize online transactions.

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The importance of the data

Despite the inherent value of the data of the users, it was an active under-developed. Currently, most of the data are collected and sold by specialized companies. This usually results in no payment to the creator of the data, as they are often spread over several sources of data, which makes it almost impossible the implementation of a market practice.

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This also translates into a product of lower quality for data consumers. Given that the information are scattered in different sources, the companies who are trying to understand the behavior of consumers cannot identify precisely which data correspond to which user on the platforms. Using the technology of Blockchain, this task could prove to be a lot more simple.

Put an end to the deprivation of the rights of the creators of the data

The creators of Data Wallet have seen how the technology Blockchain could solve this problem. First, this is the ideal solution to manage the types of micro-payments complex. Second, the decentralized nature of the Blockchain allows users to create a complete profile that can be offered to consumers of data.

In addition, the side ready to use this technology means that the whole process can be managed easily by the user himself, while facilitating the payment.

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