“The technology Blockchain will transform the tourism industry “, according to a Russian officer

Oleg Safonoc, head of the federal Agency for Russian tourism, said that the technology Blockchain had the ability to transform the tourism industry of the country. He added that the sector is on the verge of being transformed thanks to technology derived from the Blockchain as the crypto-currencies.

The technology of Blockchain, a boon for the tourism industry

In his speech during the Kazan Tourism Forum 2017, Safonov said that the technology Blockchain can be used to improve the quality of services provided to tourists. He said that in using emerging technologies, tourists will be able to deal directly with suppliers of services and eliminate the need of intermediaries. “We are absolutely convinced that the technology Blockchain will seriously change the market of tourism, even if, in our opinion, this will not happen in two years, but in five years at the earliest.


The double discourse of the Russian government

The Russian government has shown opposing points of view on the technology, Blockchain and crypto-currencies. The government has adopted a cautious approach with regard to the activities of trading of virtual currency across the country. However, the government has generally shown a positive point of view on the technology Blockchain. Thus, in October 2017, the government has announced its intention to launch a pilot project to integrate technology into the Blockchain in its land registration system at the beginning of 2018. On the basis of the draft resolution published by the ministry of economic development, the use of technology aims to increase the accessibility of information on the land registry in the country. In the introduction of this pilot project, one could read : “the use of technology Blockchain will aim to increase the availability of information on the land register, the guarantees of protection of property rights, as well as the level of confidence of the citizens. “

Source : Cointelegraph