The terms crypto-currency, ICO, and Blockchain are officially added to the dictionary

In addition to helping to find the exact definitions of words, dictionaries also serve as indicators revealing the new ideas burgeoning. Sometimes with roots in the sub-cultures of anarchists, many advocates of Bitcoins may think that this technology does not need the approval of all. However, it is always nice to get such recognition.

Here’s a video announcing the news :

The addition of terms related to crypto-currencies

Merriam-Webster, the prestigious dictionary of american founded in 1831 and today is owned by Encyclopedia Britannica, now contains the words crypto-currencies, ICO, and Blockchain. Nearly 850 words have been added by this dictionary. They come from different fields who have recently become a staple of modern English such as ” mansplain “, “life hack” and ” kombucha “.

Source : Steve Buissinne, Pixabay. Crypto-currency, ICO, and Blockchain added officially in the dictionary.

Merriam-Webster has explained that the area that is sometimes troubling financial trading digital opens a door on a subject that requires explanation to a lot of people. Where the detailed definition of the crypto-currency and the ICO. The integration of these terms will allow a wider public understanding of this technology.

The word crypto-currency has already been used 18 years ago

The dictionary now defines the crypto-currency as a form of currency that only exists digitally, which is generally not subject to any authority or regulator, but uses a decentralized system to record transactions and manage the issuance of new units. On the other hand, it also relies on cryptography to prevent counterfeiting and fraudulent transactions. The first known use of the word is dated to the year 1990.

The Blockchain is defined as a digital database containing information that can be used and shared simultaneously within a vast network of decentralized and accessible to the public. The first known use of the word is dated to the year 2011. As for the ICO, it is considered as the initial offer of a crypto-currency to the public. This word has been used for the first in 2014.

Source : NewsBitcoin