The Texas Bitcoin Conference we look forward to seeing you in Austin

This month, on 28 and 29 October 2017, the Texas Bitcoin Conference (TBC) will be held at the Canyon View Event Center in Austin, Texas. This two-day event aims to present the technological innovations taking place in the world in the field of crypto-currency and Blockchain.

Organizers excited

The BBT is taking place this year in Austin, Texas, with the presence of a slew of entrepreneurs working in the field of technology, Blockchain and crypto-currencies. The organizers of the event say attendees will discover the benefits intriguing of these emerging technologies. The organizers of the BBT to explain that virtual currencies are not only fascination, they are inevitable. Paul Snow, one of the organizers of the event and founder of Factom, said he is delighted to host a new event focused on technology, Blockchain and crypto-currencies at Austin. “The Bitcoin is capable of eclipsing all other stores of value in terms of security, privacy, usefulness and opportunities of the universal,” explains Snow.

Renowned speakers will be present

The conference will be the gathering place of a wide range of business listed deep in this landscape of technological innovation. The participants of the TBC will also have news from various speakers throughout the two days of the event. Among which, Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante), David Johnston (Factom), Daniel Krawiz Institute (Satoshi Nakamoto), or Elisabeth Grothe-Møller (

A program attractive

The conference aims to focus on the massive growth of the ecosystem Bitcoin and the evolution of technology Blockchain that followed the phenomenal rise of Bitcoin. Participants will hear about other important topics such as the ICO, regulations, tax law, altcoins and the financial opportunities that crypto-currencies can offer. Tickets for the TBC are already on sale.

Source : News.Bitcoin