The tokens Vibe of Viberate will soon be available on the market of crypto-currencies

Viberate, the decentralised market of the live music has successfully achieved the maturities of its roadmap. In fact, it just recently to add 50 000 new profiles of music rooms and more than 200,000 profiles of events to its database. So, to celebrate this success, Viberate has recently recently added a new crypto-currency. It is good to remember that this is a market where musicians offer and sell the concerts to the event organizers in exchange for crypto-currencies.

Viberate wants to rejuvenate its economic model

In a press release, the developers of Viberate revealed that the community Blockchain had manifested a great interest in the project, because it has the potential to help musicians and event organisers, as well as music lovers. The tokens Vibe will slowly become the primary currency on Viberate. They will be used by event organisers to pay the musicians. The musicians will also use the tokens Vibe for access to contact top of the range and to finance campaigns similar to Google AdWords that will help them get a better ranking on the search engines.

The tokens Vibe are strongly requested

The CEO of the project, Matej Gregorčič, went so far as to say that it was expected that the crowdsale to Viberate to reach its objective in a few minutes. It turns out that the tokens Vibe of the project have been exhausted in less than five minutes and, to give liquidity to the users as soon as possible, Viberate announced that the October 6, tokens Vibe will be listed on the market The launch of Vibe, the price of a token was $ 0.1, and those who were not able to buy could then do it on