The u.s. Treasury is concerned about the power of the crypto-currency

Several countries seem to be worried about the growing power of crypto-currencies. While France has officially launched a mission presided over by a former governor of the Bank of France, the United States are also beginning to address the issue.

A surprising announce-ment

Steven Mnuchin, the us Treasury secretary, said he was concerned that the crypto-currencies will become ” equivalents accounts swiss numbered “. It was fear that digital currencies are used for illicit purposes. The latter was therefore recalled that the institution he presides over is currently has the task of verifying that the crypto-currencies do not serve the interests of criminals. Here’s what the politician said during a discussion organized by the Economic Club of Washington :

“It must not be that bad people can use it to commit evil acts. “

A working group dedicated to the regulation of crypto-currencies

The us Treasury secretary has therefore taken the decision to form a working group to regulate digital currencies in the United States. He wishes to eventually harden the regulatory framework and ensure the Bitcoin does not become the digital equivalent of the swiss accounts numbered.

These latter have indeed long been used as an instrument of tax evasion, in particular by ensuring the anonymity of the holders of these accounts. Then of course, the situation has greatly evolved. But the american authorities fear that the crypto-currency takes over.

International concern

It seems clear that the crypto-currency, including the Bitcoin is used by criminals to buy drugs or weapons, because of its anonymous character. However, this is not really true because in reality, the BlockChain of Bitcoin is not anonymous but pseudonymous. This means that it is possible to trace the transactions and find the identity of the holder.

Pixabay – The Digital Artist

On the other hand, there are several currencies anonymous as the Zcash for example. But it is far from being the only concern of the u.s. secretary of the Treasury. Steven Mnuchin has also spoken of the danger of speculation and the high volatility of the market of digital currencies.

“I want to be sure that the investors speculating on these currencies, understand the risks. I’m worried that some people might make expenses. “

No question, however, to issue a dollar digital, at least for the moment. The crypto-currency is at the heart of the controversy in the world, governments appear to be concerned about. Follow.