The uk investors are confident about the future of crypto-currencies

The Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are not experiencing a good start to the year. Investors take fright and begin gently to turn their backs on virtual currencies. However, this is not the case for everyone, quite the contrary. Zoom on the behaviour of uk investors.

Investors optimistic

Many investors and savers continue to believe in the future of crypto-currencies, despite the bear market early this year. Among them, we find especially the British, who remain very optimistic. In fact, 14% of individuals have already invested, according to a survey conducted by the agency Citigate Dewe Rogerson.

Pixabay – RawPixel / Despite the downward trend in the beginning of the year, the British wish to pursue the investment.

This study was carried out among 1 042 persons during the months of February and march 2018. However, among these 14 % of investors, 56 % are planning to invest again in the next 12 months, while 31 % did not want to withdraw their money for the moment. One also learns that 8 % of the investors have already planned to place the entirety of their savings in the crypto-currency.

But that’s not all ! Because among those who have not yet invested, 43 % admit that they would like to do if a stricter regulatory framework for the protection was put in place. 61 % of them do not invest due to lack of knowledge, while 27 % prefer to avoid these investments that they deem to be too volatile and risky.

Professionals confident

On the side of the professionals, a thirty fund managers were interviewed. They are 30 % to be very confident about the future of virtual currencies. They argue in particular that the market will be multiplied by three in three years. And 50 % of professional investors are planning to increase courses by the end of the year.

Shutterstock / The Bitcoin continues to attract uk investors.

Approximately 50 % of the professionals surveyed are confident that in the next few years, the companies will pay the providers with digital currencies. Moreover, 15 % of them believe that, in less than ten years, salaries will be paid in Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Despite the market’s downward trend observed since the beginning of the year, uk investors do not seem to lose morale.

Source : The Echos