The Ukraine is putting in place a working group to regulate the crypto-currency

Ukraine has been trying for several weeks to regulate legally the use of the crypto-currency. A working group has just been put in place for the creation of a suitable regulatory framework.

The establishment of a working group

The crypto-currencies are a subject of controversy in Ukraine for several weeks now. It is within the National Cybersecurity Coordination Center, located in Kiev, that the debates are conducted. What bothers most of the managers ukrainians is the lack of control as well as the anonymity that are made in the currency transactions in digital. Without the ban, they are willing to provide a regulatory framework for crypto-currencies.

Pixabay – Zimnijkot

They hope to avoid the money laundering in the country. As the authorities have indeed found that the digital currencies were used to purchase narcotics or even weapons, for example. It is for this reason that the National Cybersecurity Coordination Center has decided to establish a working group to provide a regulatory framework in Ukraine. Among the representatives of this working group include the ministry of Finance, the national bank or the national security service.

An important mission predetermined by the authorities

The Ukrainian authorities have given a very clear and unequivocal commitment to this working group. In fact, the representatives should find out how to work the market of the crypto-currency in Ukraine. It is necessary that the system allows the authorities to monitor transactions, but also to verify the identities of those who make transactions with the digital currency. They also need a floor on the question of taxes on capital income related to the crypto-currency. It is therefore necessary that the Ukrainian authorities are able to collect the data exchange platforms… which turns out to be extremely complicated ! These discussions are taking place at this time-even after the declaration of the minister of Justice of ukraine. This last was said a few days ago that the Bitcoin would have to have a legal status.

No worry, crypto-currencies will always be used in Ukraine. But the regulation is expected to rapidly evolve. Follow !