The users of the application, Yahoo Finance can now keep track of their balance of Bitcoin on Coinbase

With the futures of Bitcoins that are ever present in the stock exchange, crypto-currencies are becoming more popular in the eyes of investors. As such, each service trading and investment must give its clients exposure to Bitcoin in order to stay relevant. The latest company to follow the movement is Yahoo. In fact, the site now offers its users new ways to track their digital wallets.

The Next Web

Yahoo Finance opens its doors to the crypto-currencies

Yahoo Finance has just added a new section crypto-currency to its service. The 75 million monthly users of the portal of economic information can now follow the fluctuations of Bitcoin, and over 100 altcoins on the platform popular. The new offer includes a price that is frequently updated, the ceilings of market, trading volumes, historical data, charts, profiles and a heat map optimized for Crypto Compares.


Coinbase, the partner of the big brands

Beyond the simple verification of the general evolution of the markets of the crypto-currency, Yahoo is also starting to cooperate with companies in the industry to give users direct access to their data. Yesterday, Coinbase has announced that its users could now view their balances directly on the iOS and Android apps Yahoo Finance. The company said : “This integration is another sign of a major consumer brand to meet the growing consumer demand for crypto-currencies. As awareness of this new asset class and technology increases, Yahoo Finance makes it easier for users of Coinbase, enabling them to stay informed of the latest price developments thanks to their integration with Coinbase “.

Source : News.Bitcoin