The value of Bitcoin is consolidating after rebound

These last days, the evolution of the market of the Bitcoin has influenced the price of other digital currencies. This is related to a decrease of almost $ 20 000, being the value of the Bitcoin to 11 000 usd, and the rebound that has followed this regression. Most of the top altcoins have experienced significant growth.

Here is the detailed analysis of the evolution of the price of crypto-currencies :

The market of Bitcoin bounces

Immediately after the retracement of approximately 45 % of a week, the value of Bitcoin has stabilized around $ 14,000. Also, on the 26th of December last, the price of this digital currency has crossed the threshold of 14 000 dollar. Currently, this crypto-currency is trading at about 14 850 $ on Bitfinex and 14 $ 900 on Bitstamp. However, the futures markets CBOE and CME trading the Bitcoin around 14 900 us $ and 14 us $ 800.

The Bitcoin Cash has also recorded an increase during the week, standing today at nearly $ 2,500. The Bitcoin has been wearing the other digital currencies at the highest. Since the beginning of the year, the value of this crypto-currency has continued to increase. According to some analysts, it could reach the 60 000 $ in the next year.

The market of Altcoins is can also consolidate

Many Altcoins have maintained their prices according to the evolution of Bitcoin. Some markets have offered some of the lowest prices, after the fall of the value of the Bitcoin. Currently, Ethereum is trading at about 710 dollars, from a peak of us $ 765. For Litecoin, it is now negotiated to close $ 245 dollars.

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Ripple continues to post new highs. An increase of almost 500 % was registered for this digital currency since the beginning of the month of December. On the 1st of December, it was trading at less than us $ 0.25, and reaches to the current time of 1.35 dollars.

Source : NewsBitcoin