The value of Bitcoin skyrocketed to a record level of 6 000 dollars

The price of bitcoin has reached a record high on Friday to reach the more than $ 6,000, bringing its market capitalization to $ 100 billion. Investors continue to bet on an asset whose supply is limited and which paved the way for crypto-currencies. The virtual currency has recorded growth of 500 % this year. In addition, the market of Bitcoin is very volatile.

The value of the Bitcoin has reached a historical high of 6 000,10 $ on BitStamp. A 4.7% increase was recorded on the day of Friday. The number of bitcoins existing should not exceed 21 million. According to experts, several factors have been at the origin of this increase.

Check out the video below explaining this increase :

China will she soften ?

According to Charles Hayter, co-founder of the site, analysis of data and crypto-currencies in London, that China could soften its position on the crypto-currencies. He explained that the positions of the governments greatly influence the evolution of the price of Bitcoin.

During the summer, the chinese government has banned the ICO. They have also ordered the closure of enterprises specialized in the trade of crypto-currencies. Most experts believe that this ban is temporary. Jason English, vice-president of Sweetbridge, stated that China would not want to be excluded from the market of digital currencies.

China, a large market for crypto-currencies

Jason English explained that nearly 60% of the mining operations of bitcoin works in China. Chinese investors are also those who hold the most Bitcoins, he added. If the majority of investors have decided to leave China after the crackdown, this market occupies a significant place in the evolution of the price of Bitcoin.

Given the excitement that there is around these virtual currency, the chinese government will surely benefit from it. The experts are unanimous on the fact that China will quickly clear regulations to control this sector.

Source : TheStandard