The value of crypto-currencies, shows a net increase in the end of the week

The market of crypto-currencies has experienced a fairly moderate at the end of the week. The price of bitcoin has risen sharply, reaching 3 800 dollars. The price of ethereum, it has increased at a rate even more impressive. In total, more than 90 % of the principal stations of encryption have made flow positive. A situation that has allowed to reduce the total ceiling of the market of crypto-currencies to more than $ 130 billion.

Despite the drop in the price at the beginning of the week, the total ceiling was raised to more than $ 7 billion, representing a daily gain of nearly 6 %.

The threshold of $ 3,500 exceeded for the Bitcoin

On the day of Saturday, it was recorded an increase of $ 300 to the price of Bitcoin. Despite the ramifications processed by the chinese market, the area of crypto-currencies has not been influenced by this hostile stance. Moreover, defying the claim of the director general of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, according to which the chinese policy is not relevant, the price of Bitcoin has increased, reaching about 3800 dollars this weekend.

Currently, the price of bitcoin is trading at a global average of 3 802 dollars, to achieve a ceiling of market of almost $ 63 billion. In just 24 hours, an increase of 5 % has been noticed.

Increase of 9 % for Ethereum

The price of ethereum has been an increase much larger than that of Bitcoin. Indeed, we note a 9% increase per day for this type of currencies. An increase of 14 % for this weekend, bringing its ceiling of market at most of 26.8 billion dollars.

At the present time, Ethereum is trading at 283 dollars, which places it at a distance surprising the threshold of $ 300. An increase much larger than the Bitcoin. This situation is quite logical, because during the weekend, the volume of crypto-currencies has a tendency to decrease.