The value of the Ether could double or even triple by 2018

What will happen to the crypto-currency, Ethereum in 2018 ? This is a question that interests a lot of people ! Steven Nerayoff, one of the first contributors to the project, provides an answer. He seems convinced that the interest around the crypto-currency should allow us to double or even triple its value in a year… Back on this ad that made a lot of noise in the sector of the crypto-currency.

The value of the Ether

The Ether, the crypto-currency network Ethereum, could well double or even triple in the course of the year 2018. It is, in any case, what seems to think Steven Nerayoff, one of the designers. He gave an interview to the CNBC, an american television. According to him, the increase in the number of projects developed on the platform and the growing interest in crypto-currencies leave no room for doubt : the Ether will record historic highs this year.

Logo Ethereum

Here’s what the developer said :

“What you see with Ethereum, this is an exponential increase in the number of projects. Billions of dollars are being injected into the ecosystem, with perhaps 10 times more projects this year than last year. This could easily lead to a doubling or even a trebling of the price by the end of the year. “

More interesting than the Bitcoin ?

Steven Nerayoff has demonstrated during his interview that Ethereum offers so many advantages to the users it is obvious that the value of the crypto-currency is going to increase :

“There are projects in the sectors of oil and gas, there are governments that use Ethereum in their applications, it can be seen in the gaming, in all kinds of industries. People also use it as a currency. The transaction fee lower and intensify the use of the network, by increasing the “network effects”. The more users, the more projects that are developed, and more programmers. “

And he was right ! In fact, the number of transactions carried out on the network Ethereum is constantly increasing. To such a point that the designers seek to allow the network to cope with this popularity. Confidence is key for the future of the Ether which saves increases to be surprising, especially in recent days.

Attention, however, when your investments ! These are only forecasts issued by a designer of the crypto-currency. Nothing is ever safe in this area !

Source : CoinJournal