The vaults for Bitcoin are very trends, confirms an australian provider

The price of Bitcoin has continued to increase these last few days, up to $ 12 000. This has led to many users of the digital currency to treasure their Bitcoin in places perfectly secure. They are serious about the security of these crypto-currencies and do not hesitate to opt for solutions much more efficient. Today, there are even companies that are specialized in the security of these digital assets, allowing their user to store their Bitcoin in safes.

An interesting alternative to Bitcoin users

Guardian Vaults, one of the leading companies, specialized in the security of Bitcoin in Australia, says that they will protect more often crypto-currencies of the individuals in the vaults. They have indicated that clients are increasingly turning to this solution in order to secure their Bitcoins. The company explains that clients usually keep money, gold bullion, and passports inside of the chests, but they expect more deposits of Bitcoins.

Check out below a video depicting these facts :

Guardian Vaults says that everyone can use this technology. In addition, the process is very simple and fast. The company based in Melbourne uses technologies such as scanners, biometric protocols for easy recognition, access codes… This year, the company has added 5,000 additional safes to its 28 000 chests.

Bitcoin users are more cautious than ever

The price of these lockers varies between 250 and 35 000 dollars. It all depends on the level of security and storage that the users wish to have. In addition, those who want to use this solution, will benefit from a variety of interests.

Skyllfully, Wikimedia Commons

The companies of trade of crypto-currencies and the users opt for a safer way to keep their Bitcoins. Recently, reported on Fortress storage solution to extreme cold. Other means of safety are also used by companies such as Coinbase or Xapo.

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