The Vietnamese throng of import equipment mining

Investors vietnamese are in a hurry to import hardware for crypto-mining. As the value of bitcoin continues to grow, despite the fact that the Chinese stop to the ICO (Initial Corner Offering), domestic investors desperate to of equipment of mining. However, the legislation relating to the bitcoin and crypto-currencies in Vietnam is not clear, and the obtaining of equipment of crypto-mining, passing through customs is difficult.

Equipment is still too expensive

Anyway, if the vietnamese government legally recognize the bitcoin, investors are always trying to get their hands on the equipment, blasting. They need equipment for bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum. The problem is that the equipment in question, have become difficult to obtain and are very expensive. The owner of a shop specializing in computer science in Hanoi has declared that it has generated a lot of revenue due to the sale of equipment of mining of bitcoin. However, the process of mining is complicated and requires a lot of resources, he added. This means that people will only be able to rent the equipment. It seems more likely, especially if more powerful systems are coming onto the market due to the legal status of crypto-currencies in Vietnam.

The government will have the last word

This gold rush for the equipment mining of bitcoin occurs while the vietnamese authorities are in the process of reflecting on the legal status of digital assets. The site it was reported that the prime minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc has approved a plan to deepen the regulations relating to the digital assets. However, the government could consider to integrate them in a manner appropriate to the daily life of citizens.

More recently, the central bank of vietnam has been very skeptical about this project. She said in a statement : “In relation to the importation of equipment for mining for crypto-currencies, Vietnam does not control this type of technology. Most of the companies and individuals involved in the trade of virtual currency will fail. “