The volatility of Bitcoin will be less important with the arrival of institutional investors

Adam White, vice-president of Coinbase, tried to offer some perspective among the many claims on the Bitcoin. Critics indicate that this market is a bubble ready to explode at any moment. Despite this, the price of Bitcoin is increasing and has recently reached a new historical high of more than $ 10,000.

White told Emily Chang of Bloomberg that he disagrees with the assertion according to which this sector is a bubble, although it has recognized that it is not always easy to predict the price evolution of Bitcoin. He explained that the value is only a quantitative indicator important to the success of this digital currency.

Rodrigo Joaquin Mba Mikue, Pixabay

Other important parameters

Coinbase has also examined the utility of Bitcoin, including the number of people that use it and the transaction volume daily, said White. He explained that they are seeing a significant growth in this sector. More and more users opt for this investment asset. Even the most novices have access to it. By the way, thanks to books such as the ” Bitcoin for Dummies “, it is possible to learn this technology.

Chang noted that the number of accounts Coinbase has tripled in the last year. Mr. White indicated that it had nearly 5 million customers at the beginning of the year. Coinbase is the easiest way to start trading crypto-currencies, he added.

What is the volatility ?

When asked about the volatility of Bitcoin, the vice-president of Coinbase stated that it will not last. He explained that this technology makes slowly his way. They have analyzed this market and revealed that the Bitcoin was too volatile than oil, but less than the title of Twitter. The integration of institutional investors will contribute to the stability of this market, ” he said.

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Source : CryptoCoinsNews