The volume of the market of crypto-currencies, exceeds that of Apple’s Stock

According to the analysis of Jens Nordvig, the founder and CEO of Exante Data, the daily volume of crypto-currencies will soon overtake the giant Apple. He posted this note recently on CNBC.

He indicated that the volume of transactions of crypto-currencies currently stands at more than $ 3 billion per day on average, and will likely exceed that of Apple which is the most sold in the world, with a stock of nearly 4 billion per day. The crypto-currencies are important in the stock market today. A situation that is not surprising having regard to the development of these virtual currencies.

Apple’s Stock is still in the lead at the moment

The trading volume of Apple Stock is more liquid now, with a stock of over 4 billion sharing per day. Noting that the negotiation of currency Fiat and crypto-currencies has increased only eight times this year. According to this contractor, the total volume of the market of crypto-currencies is expected to exceed that of Apple.

As NCC pointed out, the volume of transactions of crypto-currencies reached a record level of 24 billion dollars, or an average of $ 3 billion per day. This is explained in part by the fact that the volume goes down during the weekend. In recent days, there has been a decrease in the volume, with only $ 2.5 billion. Only the Bitcoin had a volume of more than $ 500 million.

An important step for the market of crypto-currencies

Although the virtual currency and the Apple shares are the two asset classes are completely different, the market of crypto-currencies has taken an important step. Today, the crypto-currencies become more difficult to ignore.

Another evidence of this trend occurred last August, when the ceiling of market of the Bitcoin has exceeded the total assessment of PayPal. However, the slowdown of the market in the beginning of the month of September reversed this phenomenon.

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