The volumes of transactions of crypto-currencies reached a record level of

The price of Bitcoin has experienced a decline during this weekend. In addition, the volumes of transactions of crypto-currencies reached a record level. A decrease of almost 25 % has been registered in terms of the value of Bitcoin, at around 5 617$. The Bitcoin Cash, has experienced an increase in history. The price of this digital currency is approximately $ 2,500.

Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

The volumes of transactions in crypto-currencies have hit a record high of more than $ 26 billion, according to the website data The highest value ever recorded.

The market of crypto-currencies beats some of the exchanges in the united states

The volumes of the transactions of virtual currency are higher than those of the two u.s. stock exchanges : IEX, the New York stock exchange and the Chicago stock exchange. They have recorded an average of less than $ 10 billion per day since Sunday, confirms the Cboe Global Markets.

IEX recorded trade of the shares of a value of $ 7.8 billion on its site, while the CHX has posted trading volumes of nearly 3.1 billion dollars. By contrast, the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq have recorded volumes of over $ 50 billion during the last five days.

The growing interest of investors for these assets

The volumes of transaction record of crypto-currencies show the growing interest of investors for this technology. In a note to clients on 16 October, the head of the Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, has stated that crypto-currencies represent an opportunity of $ 1.6 billion for Wall Street. This figure was based on the assumption that the volumes of crypto-currencies would be approximately 10 % of the current volume of trading of fiat currencies.

Currently, the giants like the Cboe and CME are looking to invest in this new market. They have also announced that they were preparing to launch the investment assets based on the technology Blockchain.

Source : BusinessInsider