The world’s central banks will adopt crypto-currencies in 2018 ?

The decision of central banks around the world about digital currencies is highly anticipated by many investors. Of course, they have a significant amount of crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin, but not yet active on the market and prefer to monitor their development at a distance.

Some experts have speculated that 2018 will be the year that central banks will begin to add Bitcoins to their annual balance sheets. Others are more reluctant to this idea. Indeed, unlike the average investor, the banks have very different objectives.

Check out below for a video explaining how the central banks will take in the future reserves of crypto-currencies :

Why central banks are not going to launch in this market ?

In general, investors in Bitcoin want to obtain substantial yields, and engage in financial transactions nearly anonymous. Neither the anonymity nor the returns are high, are not essential for the central bankers. Their obligation to their customers is in effect to ensure the stability of the currency. This is also a key element of the fulfillment of their mandate.

If the value of a currency begins to fall too quickly, the central bankers will attempt to remedy the situation by buying back volumes of currencies sufficient. In sum, the crypto-currency will not help the central banks to ensure price stability. However, some institutions integrate this technology in their balance sheets.

Crypto-currencies issued by central banks

Many central banks have studied the idea of issuing digital currency. Unlike Bitcoin, this form of currency would have a fixed value. If there is sufficient demand, this project is quite feasible. But a study should be carried out by the central banks prior to implementing such a system.

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Well as current investors, these financial institutions also expect the regulations to be very clear regarding this market. In addition, given their role, they will be able to intervene in the near future.

Source : CoinDesk