Theresa May is concerned by the use of the crypto-currency for criminals

Theresa May, the british Prime minister, has announced that his administration would quickly become interested in crypto-currencies. It is feared that the latter should not be used by cyber-criminals and therefore intends to regulate them.

A major concern

The Web is essential to Theresa May. This last comes to say, when she attended the world economic forum in Davos, she was to pronounce measures against Google and Facebook. The two giants do not take, according to the politician, their social responsibilities.

According to Theresa May, she has been working with a full team. Its goal is to fight in particular against terrorist use of social networks, or even against child pornography. But that’s not all ! During the interview with the journalists of Bloomberg, she also referred to the delicate subject of the crypto-currency : “We should look very seriously at areas such as crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin, precisely how they can be used, in particular by criminals. “

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A regulation difficult to apply

It does not cache and therefore not its concern vis-à-vis digital currencies. And it is far from the only one to be interested in, as Bruno Le Maire, has started a mission work on the subject in France. The French minister of Economy and Finance has appointed a former deputy governor of the Bank of France to put in place a regulatory framework that is ambitious around the use of crypto-currencies. The subject should be addressed at the international level during the next G20 summit which takes place in Argentina. So it was time that Theresa May is interested. Even if all the British do not share his opinions, quite the contrary. It is important to know that in the Uk crypto-currencies have been highly successful among citizens who believe that these organizations play an important role in the financial future of their countries.

Source : BloomBerg News