These other countries affected by the fever of Bitcoin

The world is embracing the Bitcoin. You’ve probably noticed. However, if the western investors are intrigued by the Bitcoin, the South Korea and Japan have succumbed to the charm of this crypto-currency. But which country will be the next to enter in this list ?


South Africa

To determine which markets are rising, Google Trends is the most effective way. The data that this tool provides should not be considered as acquired. They are only indications of areas of interest around the world. For the term ” pay with Bitcoin “, the South Africa turns out to be a pocket of extremely high-where the population is intrigued by everything related to crypto-currencies. He also ranks fourth in the world for the keyword “buy Bitcoin” in the last three months.


Australia has already caught the virus of Bitcoin, but there are signs that suggest that crypto-currencies may develop in the country. According to the statistics of Google Trends, Australia has the second rank for the keywords “buy Bitcoin” and “pay with Bitcoin” in the past 90 days. A utilities company australian trafficking bill payments of $ 750,000 per week in crypto-currency. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, even the australian central bank sees the great potential of the technology blockchain.



Venezuela is the dark horse of the adoption of crypto-currencies. The country is not in the top rankings of Google Trends, but the interest for a process alternative payment and savings is present. While the country has not tried to ban Bitcoin, its the police’s crackdown on anyone who is caught trying to make the mining of Bitcoin. This is not really the mining of Bitcoin that is the problem that the theft of power that often occurs.

Source : News.Bitcoin