Three cities that allow for the purchase of real estate with Bitcoin

No one can ignore it, the Bitcoin is a digital currency which has already become a global phenomenon. Created with a high level of security and anonymity, the Bitcoin is presented as a replacing potential to paper money in the near future. Some industries, including real estate, capitalize on this emerging trend by letting customers buy houses, villas or apartments with Bitcoin. This is a significant change compared to the system already established, but rapidly growing. Here are a few areas where the process is already running.

Miami, Florida

An inhabitant of the city of Miami has recently made about him by selling his home in Coral Gables for more than $ 6 million, or approximately 1600 BTC. The high selling price more than enough for the transaction to make the headlines, but the Bitcoin is part of the real estate landscape of Miami for several years. Although it has been launched in 2009, the real estate agents, investors and buyers at the cutting edge of the technology have quickly adopted this new crypto-currency. They are convinced that south Florida, in particular Miami, is an ideal market for Bitcoin.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The United States is not the only country to take advantage of the growing trend of Bitcoin. A promoter located on the isle of Man has recently announced the sale, by lot, of a huge real estate complex with a total value of $ 325 million. The prospective settlers will be able to use the Bitcoin to purchase their property. The studios are available from 33 BTC and apartments from 54 BTC, or about $ 250,000. Some of the units have already been sold with currency traditional, but the residential properties remaining are reserved for purchases of Bitcoin.


Bali, Indonesia

This indonesian island is not the first place where one would expect to see a real estate transaction supported by the Bitcoin, but it is in fact one of the first places to support crypto-currencies. An anonymous buyer spent more than 800 Bitcoins, totaling approximately $ 500,000 at the time, for a villa in Bali. Although the real estate agents and buyers have to be comfortable with the use of Bitcoin for the purchase of real estate in Bali, we have not yet seen ads on the markets for commercial and industrial use.

Source : Cointelegraph