To enjoy the new album of Björk, you will need to spend crypto-currencies

Known to be an avant-garde in the field of music, female artist Björk has announced that her latest album “Utopia” would only be available to buy via crypto-currencies. The artist will accept the Bitcoin, the Litecoin, the DASH and AudioCoin. So, logically, the album can only be bought using the currency traditional.


As a highlight

This decision of Björk may seem to be a marketing strategy to make the buzz and attract attention at a time when the ascent of Bitcoin has brought the crypto-currency in a different universe. However, according to Kevin Bacon Blockpool : “It is not really a marketing strategy on the part of Björk. It is a decision to mark its territory. In fact, this is just an obvious thing to do for her. If I wasn’t aware very early on of this project, I would expect that Björk made her entrance into the world of crypto-currencies. “

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The cycle of “virtuous” of Satoshi

As the adoption of crypto-currencies grows, the price and the number of transactions also increase. This leads to greater price stability. In fact, this stability increases the number of people who use crypto-currencies. This process of adoption and stability has been designated as a cycle Satoshi, and is the underlying engine of the increase in the price of Bitcoin. So we can say that the offer that is presented to the new album of Björk is one more step in the ladder of adoption and stability. Whereas the market for crypto-currencies continues to gain ground, prices also follow the adoption curve and lead simultaneously to an improvement of the adoption curve.

Source : Cointelegraph