To Robert Schiller, the Bitcoin has no future

If the opinion of Robert Schiller is seriously taken into account by investors around the world, it is simply because it was the Nobel prize in economics in 2013. However, when it comes to talk of Bitcoin, the man does not mince his words. It is not seized by the craze that surrounds the crypto-currencies for several months now and does not hide his skepticism.

A Bitcoin evolving

Robert Schiller is, therefore, out of the silence to talk about the Bitcoin. The man believes that this crypto-currency is a speculative bubble that will eventually explode, even if in itself this virtual currency is not expected to disappear : “I think that the Bitcoin will not resemble what it is today. It will have a different name, if it still exists. We have seen many “hard forks”, which have changed and remodifié. It will therefore be a matter of dispute, that it continues to exist or not. “

Pixabay – The DigitalArtist / To Robert Schiller, the Bitcoin is worth nothing.

However, according to the economist, Bitcoin is not going to sink immediately and is expected to see an upward trend by the end of the year. This would be the last rebound of Bitcoin before it collapses permanently and lose up to 80 % of its value. The crypto-currency would then be on the verge of disappearing. To summarize, it encourages investors to wait for the up trend to get rid of their Bitcoins.

An opinion well settled

Robert Schiller admits, however, that it can mislead. All the more that the Bitcoin is known for its very high volatility : “You know, it is so difficult to predict these things. I don’t want to be derogatory to the respect of Bitcoin, but it makes me really think of a bubble. “

Pixabay – WorldSpectrum / According to the analyst, the Bitcoin could drop to zero.

It was therefore well understood that the predictions of Robert Schiller to the Bitcoin are very pessimistic. But he admits himself that it is difficult to predict the future. He further added that, in the face of the public’s enthusiasm for these digital currencies, several interesting innovations have been imagined, which is always positive for a society. The Bitcoin is therefore ultimately not that bad…

Source : NCC

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