Top 10 crypto-currencies by January 2018

We would have been able to dream of a better context to start this new monthly series of articles devoted to the best crypto-currencies, but in life one does not choose always… so We will provide you with at the beginning of each month, a small balance of the currencies that have performed the best. Here are the top crypto-currencies from January 2018.

To establish our classification, we take account of the crypto-currencies that represent volumes and a market value of substantial (so no cryptos that have skyrocketed 10,000 % on a volume of 12 000 $). If January 2018 was a bad month for crypto-currencies, believe it or not some have managed to pull their pin of the game, sometimes brilliant way.

1. Walton (WTC) + 118,17 %

Here is the crypto-currency, it was necessary to buy in early January to try and win the finest profits monthly from the first month of the year. I must confess to you that I did not know, it is a chain of blocks that encompasses the RFID technology and which aims for the market of the Internet of things (IoT). Ironically, it is the crypto code ” WTC ” that has escaped the collapse of January… Walton is new evidence that the IoT is a topic that inspires investors.

2. VeChain (FRI) + 83,67 %

VeChain is a token whose purpose is to circulate through the chain of blocks all the information about the products (origin, ingredients, etc), for example in the large-scale distribution. There is no white paper in English, difficult to say more, if only VeChain has the Wind in its sails !

3. 0x (ZRX) + 70 %

0x, which was beginning to cross the bar of the us dollar at the beginning of the month of January 2018, ended the month at approximately us $ 1.7, thus reporting a strong growth of 70 % after having flirted with the $ 2.5 before the correction in mid-January. This token has the goal of providing a decentralized solution for the exchange of crypto-currencies through a mechanism of Smart Contracts deployed on the platform Ethereum.

4. DigixDAO (DGD) + 61,99 %

I told you to DigixDAO in an article devoted to the tokens to dividends. DGD, which allows you to receive part of the profits of the storage costs of gold that will guarantee the value of the tokens Digix (DGX), has been successful not only to show strong growth in January 2018. But it continues so that the entire market is suffering, Bitcoin being in the process of testing the 8 000 $. DGD is trying to justify its status as a safe haven in the complex cryptos.

5. Gas + 39,57 %

Gas, the token “running” of the chain blocks NEO, it performed better than the crypto-currency from which it is derived. The Gas can be purchased or simply obtain when you own the NEO. The holders of this crypto-currencies, therefore, have been doubly rewarded, since it is also in the top 10 crypto-currencies in January.

populousPopulous – print screen of the official website

6. Populous (PPT) + 27,48 %

Populous proposes a concept of decentralization of bills that would benefit businesses and investors. Billers can be paid by third parties who receive in exchange for the endorsement of the claim a compensation for the risk incurred. This system has clearly beguiled investors saw that PPP has almost increased by 30% in January 2018.

7. NEO + 25,04 %

Until now, the NEO is probably the crypto-currency is the most well-known of this top of January. Despite the sadness, that we baptize in a way reductive “Ethereum chinese” has the wind in its sails. This good health was anticipated by many commentators. In particular, because the Smart Contracts of the NEO can be written in many programming languages and that its architecture has been designed to resist future computers quantum.

8. Maker (MKR) + 13,37 %

Maker (MKR) is the currency native to the project MakerDAO, the objective of which is to provide a token, the DAI, the value of which is more or less fixed at one dollar. On the contrary, to Tether the value of which is in principle guaranteed by dollar reserves in corresponding, DAI uses a contract smart to invest in the largest crypto-currency and thus maintain the stability of its value. So we can say that it is a decentralised version of Tether.

9. Ethereum (ETH) + 9,17 %

With NEO, Ethereum is without a doubt one of the big winners of the correction of January. ETH is almost reached a 10% appreciation in spite of market conditions dantesque. The crypto-currency was born of the brain of Vitalik Buterin has almost increased by 10 % during the month of January 2018. On February 1, she resisted even the attacks of the “bears” finally capitulate with the entire complex after a resistance worthy of a Spartan. ETH has gained a lot of ground on BTC.

10. Binance Corner (NBB) + 0,55 %

We conclude this classification with the token home of the platform for the exchange of Binance, the Binance Corner (NBB), one of my favorites. This is far from the gains posted by other cryptos in the top 10 of the best pupils in January 2018. But damage limitation, in such an environment, is already a small feat. NBB allows its holders to benefit from cost of trading reduced on Binance. The value of the token ERC20 is supported by buybacks quarterly of chips with a portion of the profits of the exchange.

Source : Monthly ranking