Top 10 wallets to secure their crypto-currencies

Top 10 wallets to secure their crypto-currencies

In addition to the problem of the choice of crypto-currencies, investments in this sector raises the question of the best method for securing its parts. Cold wallet, wallet, paper wallet online, application PC or smartphone… each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. This is our top of the wallet to secure their crypto-currencies among these different options.

1. Ledger Nano S

Should we still submit the Ledger Nano’s, a cold wallet so sought after that it is currently out of stock at the manufacturer ? This small device, which fits easily in the pocket, can store more than a score of crypto-currencies, of which the list grows longer every month. Among the crypto-currency the most popular that are supported by the Nano, there is Bitcoin, Bitcoin to Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, etc, All the tokens ERC20 network Ethereum can also be stored away on this portfolio physical via MyEtherWallet.

You can buy the Ledger Nano’s on Amazon. Little tip if it is out of stock : if you are the owner of at least 10 000 REBL, you can order one via the website

Ledger Nano SSource : official site

2. Trezor

Trezor is a solution similar to the Nano S. The technical principle is the same, the keys are encrypted on the device, so that it is impossible for a hacker to know. This type of solution is so safe that you can use it even on an infected computer. And if the device falls in the harbour ? Not to worry, thanks to your key recovery you can recover all your parts, via another device. If you have crypto-currencies which represent substantial amounts, such an investment is highly recommended.

3. Coinbase as a portfolio online

The whole world is not investing large amounts of money in crypto-currencies. The small investors for whom the purchase of a cold wallet is not justified and who are not willing to take the lead with the configuration of a client PC or a smartphone may very well consider leaving their coins on an exchange platform. But, in this case, it is necessary to select it. The recent news of the flight of NEM on Coincheck reminds us one more time.

This is why Coinbase is a good choice for those who want to use a wallet online, even if the offer is limited to 4 major crypto-currencies (BTC, LTC, BCH and ETH). The advantages of Coinbase ? His seniority, which enabled him to gain the confidence of investors.

4. Binance as a wallet online

If Binance is still a platform very young in the world of crypto-currencies, it already has a high degree of confidence among investors. Its balance sheet in terms of security is currently perfect. Remains to be seen, however, over the long term if the exchange platform that rises will continue its no-fault.

Another asset of Binance is the richness of the crypto-currency supported. You can without problem store Cardano, of the Stellar, and Iota of the things that you did not even know existed.

BinanceLogo Binance

5. Kraken, the platform untouched to this day

Kraken has been roundly criticized in recent weeks because of the many problems of stability of its platform. Things have since returned in order, so that the calm returned. The users are on again, so to put forward the advantages of Kraken instead of evoking the famous ” error 520 “, namely, his no-fault in terms of security.

Since its creation (2012), Kraken has never been hacked. “Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance “, this specification popular in the world of finance also applies in the computer security industry. However, the balance immaculate Kraken in the matter, over 6 years, inspires confidence. Thus, you can store a limited amount of BTC, Stellar, Ethereum, EOS or Iconomi without too much you do the pimpernel.

6. MyEtherWallet (MEW) for Ethereum and tokens ERC20

If is accessible via an Internet site, do not be deceived, it is an interface of type customer. To make it simple, the site does not store any data concerning your portfolio Ethereum, it will simply layout of your computer code that runs on it and which allows access to your wallet ETH via a private key, a JSON file, etc

No security problem has been identified to date with this solution, instead of the wallet Parity. It allows you to manage its ETH, but also the stream of tokens ERC20 whose family is growing day by day. When such a token is not found in the list, you can simply add it with the option provided for this purpose by indicating the address of the contract, the code of money and the number of decimal places.

MEW for the intimate has an option to configure the price of the gas to use. A link good practice to Eth Gas Station is now for the minimum price of the gas to be used to make worry-free transactions on the network Ethereum.

7. Exodus, a good option for beginners

Exodus is a wallet for PC, Mac, or Linux which is characterized by its great simplicity of use and its support of a significant number of crypto-currencies. For a beginner would be intimidated by the installation of a portfolio on his computer, this is the perfect solution for storing Bitcoins, Ethereum, Dash, or other things like EOS. One of the great strengths of the Exodus is that it integrates a solution for the exchange : you can directly from your wallet to exchange a crypto-currency that you have against another that is supported. For example, the exchange of Litecoins against EOS. You will not get the best rate on the market. However, this is ideal for very quickly realize a purchase, without making head.

ExodusExchange Option from Exodus – source

8. Coinomi, a wallet hyper-convenient for SmartPhone

You are looking for a wallet for Android phone (soon to be Apple) that supports many of the alts ? In this case we recommend you for your interest in Coinomi, who was the first wallet multi-cryptos for Android. It integrates the crypto-currencies are the most popular, but also things like Auroracoin, Bata, Stratis, Vertcoin, Rod… the list is impressive. Like Exodus, you have the option to trade your crypto-currencies via the services Shapelift and Changelly integrated. This is probably not the best option for storing crypto-currencies which represent large sums, unless you have a mobile device that is not really, to know that you keep at home. But for storing small amounts in the alternate currency, Coinomi is perfect.

9. The wallets official

In terms of security, the wallets official crypto-currencies are undoubtedly the top, just behind the cold wallets. Unfortunately, many of them requires the download of the full chain of blocks, which makes them extremely heavy. Unless you have an option for ” light “, this alternative will, therefore, be reserved for investors particularly concerned about the security of their wealth in cryptos.

10. The wallet paper, the ” cold storage of the poor “

You are typically what we called in the middle of a HODLER, or an investor who plays on the long term and that does not touch his Bitcoins, Ethereum, or similar, before months or years ? The wallet paper is an option that is respected. Behind this term lies a principle straightforward : whatever the currency, you do not keep your key on a computer or a device, you simply print out on multiple pieces of paper that you keep (very) carefully until the explosion of the value of the crypto-currency in which you invested.

Depending on the type of crypto-currency, the paper wallet can take different forms. Some applications allow you to create one, but pay attention to whether the sites or trusted programs. Check 2 times rather than that there is not eel in the rocks before using such services (seniority of the solution, the source of the download, etc).