Trump has signed a decree prohibiting the use of Petro

The us president, Donald Trump has signed a decree forbidding u.s. citizens to use the crypto-currency national of Venezuela, the Petro. This means that the Petro, recently launched by the president of venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, is now illegal in the United States. The digital currency has been considered as a means of escaping the economic sanctions imposed by the u.s. government. This is the first time that Trump is opposed officially to this crypto-currency.

Below are the details in English of the decree announced by the american president :

The prohibition by the United States to the Petro

The web site of the White House has issued an announcement stating that the u.s. president will take additional steps regarding the national emergency declared in decree no. 13692 of march 8, 2015 and invoked in the decree no. 13808 of August 24, 2017, in the light of the recent devices by the regime of Maduro to try to circumvent us sanctions by issuing a digital currency in a process that the national Assembly democratically elected in Venezuela has denounced as illegal.

Source : pngimg. Donald Trump has banned the use of Petro on the american market.

In this release, it was also explained that all of the transactions related to the Petro will not be allowed on american soil. However, it will be difficult for the american authorities to control these operations because of the anonymous nature of digital currencies.

A way to stop the development of the Petro

This decision is not very surprising, but his announcement was sudden. The importance of this, which is the first decree prohibiting the use of a crypto-currency is remarkable, even if it is a plan and not a currency, which is the main target. The president, Trump has issued 65 orders since coming to power.

The Petro is not explicitly mentioned in the decree. This prohibition should not, however, directly affect the market of crypto-currencies in the United States. Moreover, this could bring other countries to stay away, for fear of the u.s. government.

Source : NewsBitcoin

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