Twitter expects the ban on ads crypto

Twitter is preparing to ban commercials related to ICO and the crypto-currencies. The new advertising policy of Twitter is expected to enter into force in a few weeks. The social media is planning to impose a ban on advertisements related to the exchange of digital currency. This decision should also be confirmed officially.

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Some exchange platforms will not be subject to this prohibition

After the approaches of Facebook and Google, Twitter plans to ban the advertisements related to crypto-currencies on its website. According to Sky News, this new policy will be implemented in two weeks. The new rules will probably ban the commercials for the ICO, the exchange of crypto-currencies and the promotion of the sector in general. The reasoning of Twitter is not clear about this. Other companies impose restrictions on the content crypto cited concerns about illicit activities and fraudulent adverts.

The trade of crypto-currencies will not be promoted on this platform. The report suggests, however, that the new policy will not affect all companies trading of crypto-currencies. On the other hand, no official announcement has yet been made regarding this decision.

The giants of the web rallied against the crypto-currencies

The news concerning the prohibition contained in Twitter content related to the digital currencies are coming after the announcements from Facebook and Google, which do not allow this type of advertising. The analysts believe that the ads have contributed to the recent lows in the markets of crypto-currencies.

Following the announcement of Facebook :

Facebook has made public its intention to prohibit the advertising of cryptographic in January, claiming that the measure comes after complaints of persistent users regarding spam. He said that the advertisements should not promote the financial products and services generally associated with practices promotional misleading. The warning concerned the ICO and the virtual currency. More recently, Google has announced restrictions for this type of content.

Source : NewsBitcoin