Twitter wants to put an end to the scams concerning crypto-currencies

The community cryptophile is very present on the social networks. The virtual universe represented by the Internet and computing in general is intrinsically linked with crypto-currencies. But faced with the rise of these new technologies, it is not always easy to disentangle the true from the false. Between ICO fraudulent, fake news, advertisements disguised and crypto-scams, hard to find ! Therefore, Twitter has decided to fight this scourge with the help of vigorous actions.

Crypto-scams : the report

Spirits dishonest have been working for some time to exploit the concept of Twitter to abuse of individuals with regard to the crypto-currency. They benefit in particular from the anonymity potentially afforded by this social network success over the long term. In the next few weeks come to pass, the number of scams related to crypto-currencies has literally exploded. This has not failed to worry about the direction of Twitter.

In fact, scammers do that re-use of old tricks, the ones that fill in the past several years a number of boxes of e-mail. It is a question of attempts of phishing, where the cyber criminal dangled an exchange good market appearance very interesting for its potential victim. But, as if by chance, this last must always carry a wire to hope to receive a significant payment in crypto-currency… which never comes.

Against a proposal of this kind, many users are suspicious. Therefore, the fraudsters will further. In effect, they no longer hesitate to assume the identity of well-known personalities. The goal is to inspire abused trust to the potential victims. Thus, one of these criminals had been able to pretend to Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum. This one – the real one – had to rename his account to avoid any confusion :

No, I’m not giving away ETH.

— Vitalik “No I’m not giving away ETH,” Buterin (@VitalikButerin) March 4, 2018

The false accounts of this kind have unfortunately a tendency to multiply. A small letter changed compared to the initial account, and the turn is played. The identity of Elon Musk has also been exploited, with the announcement of a false gift promotional for the launch of the rocket Falcon 9. In a well-established, cybercriminals create an infinite number of fake accounts lambda to abuse the followers by making them believe that they have tried and they have really won something…

The reaction of Twitter

The situation quickly becomes untenable. The famous people fraudulently copied are concerned about these practices. The users of Twitter do not know for certain any more where to give head to untangle the true from the false. Finally, the management of the company is afraid of a surfeit of scams similar in all areas. So it was time to respond !

For the moment, it is only an announcement effect. This is the march 7, 2018 as Twitter has declared to the american press quickly prepare measures to combat these new problems. The aim is if possible to nip in the bud, without doubt thanks to a little bit of artificial intelligence, but also – perhaps – with a decline of anonymity and a better control of our identities.

Source : Gerd Altmann, Pixabay. The company Tesla has recently been the victim of a computer attack related to crypto-currencies.

In addition, it is recommended for followers to pay attention to the presence or absence of the little blue symbol highlighting the profiles are duly verified by the team of Twitter… Currently, the accounts fraudulently cloned from Elon Musk and Vitalik Butelin have been removed. Twitter has suspended the fake accounts that have been used as resonance boxes. In the future, it will be necessary simply that the reaction is more prompt… !

Source : Presse Citron