Two japanese companies listed in the stock exchange launch on the south Korean market exchanges of crypto-currencies

Two japanese companies listed on the Tokyo stock exchange have recently expanded their operations to crypto-currencies in South Korea. The first company is associated with a local company to launch a solution exchange for Bitcoins with a plan to add merchant services. The other held a ICO to develop a society of exchanges of digital currencies after the launch of a mobile game that enables users to earn Bitcoins.

Below is the video demonstrating these facts :

Bitpoint will be present in South Korea

Remixpoint Inc., which operates Bitpoint in Japan, a company that exchanges of Bitcoin, has recently launched another company in South Korea. The company will be known as Bitpoint Korea. To develop this business, Remixpoint is associated with the south-Korean company, Sys & Tech, is specialized in the trading systems automated. Remixpoint stated that they provide digital currency and liquidity to Sys and Tech, while the latter will be responsible for the different transactions.

The services of crypto-currencies available in the framework of the partnership include the exchange of virtual currency, the service of cash transactions and money transfer services. The crypto-currencies that can be exchanged are the Ethereum, the Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Cash. To continue its expansion into the south Korean market, the company plans to soon provide payment solutions online.

Metaps Inc launches out to the conquest of South Korea

Metaps Inc., headquartered in Tokyo, is a company of monetization of applications using artificial intelligence and Big Data to maximize revenue from these solutions and the performance of the campaigns. Its subsidiary in south korea, Metapsplus Inc., develops mobile games.

The subsidiary has raised approximately $ 1.1 billion yen during a ICO. It was launched on this occasion Coinroom. This solution currently lists the Bitcoin and Ethereum. Prior to the launch of Coinroom, the company has developed first mobile game, ” Dig Land “. Thanks to this game, the players can earn Bitcoins.

Source : NewsBitcoin